John Hughes, PhD
Quantitative Teacher-Scholar
About Me
Associate Professor of Biostatistics at Lehigh University

I have nearly 30 years of experience in higher education, during which I have held appointments at Frostburg State University; the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; the University of Colorado, Anschutz; the Pennsylvania State University, University Park; and Lehigh University. I have consulted for the Courage Kenny Research Center, TRE Los Angeles, the Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health, and the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network.

Methodological and Interdisciplinary Research

My methodological research focuses on models for dependent data (especially high-dimensional data such as spatial and spatiotemporal data), statistical computing, and Bayesian methods. My interdisciplinary collaborations have spanned several fields, including processive motor proteins, magnetic resonance safety, MR-based cartilage assessment, environmental and occupational health, brain imaging, the spatial epidemiology of HPV-related cancers, US childhood vaccination refusal, and WASH insecurity and psychosocial wellbeing in Ivory Coast and Nigeria. I have developed many software packages for both R and Perl.

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Undergraduate Computer Science Courses
  • Capstone Course
  • Computer Science 1
  • Computer Science 2
  • Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
  • Individual Problems in Computer Science
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Introduction to Software Applications
  • Java Certification Preparation
  • Low-Level Programming Concepts
  • Perl + Web Development
  • Web Design and Development
Undergraduate Statistics Courses
  • Advanced R Programming
  • Apprentice Teaching
  • Biostatistics Independent Study
  • Honors Capstone Course
  • Introduction to Programming in R
  • Population Health Data Science 1
  • Population Health Data Science 2
Graduate Statistics Courses
  • Advanced Regression and Design
  • Biostatistical Methods 1
  • Discrete Data Analysis 1
  • Health Data and Computational Science
  • Modern Nonparametrics
  • Statistical Literacy for Radiologists
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